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Who is Jonny Cab?

Meet Jonathan Metcalf, CEO & Partner

Jonathan “Jonny Cab” Metcalf has been drinking wine since the early 1990s when he randomly caught an episode of 60 Minutes on the French that reported on the theory that wine can contribute to a longer life. Since then, Jonny Cab has traveled to wine country for over 3 decades and developed strong friendships with wine makers and distributors, which is the foundation of The Jonny Cab’s experience and The Bin Club wine program.

When most people are drinking a cocktail or cold beer, you can count on Jonny Cab sipping his namesake Cabernet somewhere in the crowd. On one such occasion, a friend yelled “Hey Jonny Cab!”, and the name was born.

Jon has been a member of the local community for over 35 years and has been a Burr Ridge resident for almost 10 years. While it was the steel industry where Jon made his mark for over 40 years, he is excited to share his vision for a neighborhood restaurant and wine club where you can enjoy live music, great wine and excellent food with your family and friends. And remember, at Jonny Cab’s, wine will always be served at the proper temperature.

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Jonny Cab’s is a VIP wine experience in a premiere, modern setting. With live music every week, we strive to provide an environment where guests can unwind & enjoy the moment.

Our team is committed to providing our guests with sincere and friendly hospitality that makes everyone feel welcomed and appreciated. At Jonny Cab’s our guests will enjoy the best of wine, cocktails, food, music, and entertainment.

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